You can often hear-what, scoliosis? Ha! Yes, who does not have it today, tell me? The same thing about osteochondrosis ... In general, the attitude to this diagnosis is like a common cold. But in vain. Completely vain. In fact, the disease is very, very unpleasant, both by development itself and by dangerous consequences. We are all educated people, reading, and the Internet helps in matters of self-education. Therefore, to repeat in detail that the spine, more precisely, its condition, directly affects all internal organs, I will not. I will say one thing. If suddenly, "you do not get out of diagnoses" and constantly complain about your health, and treatment is ineffective, check your back. In general, any treatment implies an integrated approach to solving the problem. But this topic is already another article ....

Let's return to a scoliosis. Usually, parents, even when suddenly they discover a violation of their child's posture, can worry about the maximum, about the appearance. Not beautiful, they say. Oh, if only this .... As you know, the ribs form the thorax. And in her-lungs, heart, other organs. Fix the ribs from behind to the spine, and in front to the chest plate. Minor violations of the spine profile, posture disorders, instantly change the internal volume of the chest. As a result, at least, the lungs do not allow you to take a full breath, the heart can not work with full load and impact. It is difficult for a person to run for a long time, to engage in physical activity.

More than once, even with professional athletes, we will correct the spine closer to the norm, and then all the rates-reaction speed, strength, endurance, grow abruptly. Further more. The skew of the figure left-right provides unevenness, distortion of the load on the hip joints. As a consequence, wear. Replacement for titanium implants. Changed the hip - after a short time comes the turn of the knee joint. I'm not talking about the fact that the profile of the spine, posture, directly affect the psycho-emotional health of a person. And especially pronounced in childhood, adolescence and adolescence. It is then, when the character is laid and formed, the willed qualities. Schoolchildren directly depends on the progress of the state of the back. The same is not once tested, believe me. One of the causes of the threat of miscarriage or even infertility-violation of the profile of the spine of the future mother, in the lumbar spine. Much more can be told about what sciosis is dangerous. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, it is easily treated. With age, it is more difficult, of course. But even the elderly can help, improve the quality of Life. But the main thing, as in any treatment, is early and competent diagnosis. Any of you can do it at home. How? Let's talk?

The first thing you should do is check someone's family or yourself-compare the height of the shoulders. If they are not equal in height, or in a turn with respect to an imaginary vertical axis, be alert. The first indirect sign is already evident. The height of the clavicle should be the same. From the back, the height of the blades is the same. The triangles between the body and the lowered arms are the same, the size and position of the folds on the sides, too. Legs should be close to symmetrical matching. If you see that your child seems to be bending one leg in a knee-cause to be alert. Check the position of the hip joints. Scoliosis can also develop due to the fact that the legs have different lengths. I assure you, even after having carried out these non-complex recommendations, you can already make sure that there is no reason for experiencing, or vice versa, to think about a visit to a doctor. Do not cope themselves, come to us, we have a diagnosis of minors is free. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!