"If there are many diseases, then the problem is only one - the spine."

Even in ancient times in the Mediterranean, China, and India

attention was paid to the problems of the spine, Hippocrates, the founder of the whole

modern medicine, said: "If there are many diseases, then the problem

one - the spine. "

The spine performs the function of supporting the human body, in addition to

This in the spine is the spinal cord responsible for the work of all

vital organs of man. That is why violations in the vertebral

pillars contribute to the occurrence of diseases, their chronic course and

complicate conservative treatment.

The development of pharmacology is experiencing its peak, many drugs, dietary supplements,

stimulants and other medications failed to solve the problem

effective treatment of certain diseases, and also led to a number of

new, associated with side effects and non-tolerability of drugs.

Such diseases as chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis, bronchitis and others

diseases, have already formed their niche of pharmaceuticals, but

at their treatment forget about parallels with disturbances in a backbone.

To each internal organ from the spinal cord there are nerve endings,

who are responsible for their normal functioning and work. Such

diseases like osteochondrosis, scoliosis, posture disorders, displacement

vertebrae can cause a variety of symptoms, ranging from the head

pain, high or low blood pressure, ending

pain in the stomach or in the heart. And most importantly, if

treat traditional medicine methods, how many tablets, injections

use, the result will be short-term, or will be completely

absent. There are lots of examples.

Also violations of posture (scoliosis and changes in natural deflections

spine) over the years leads to pain in the waist and intervertebral

hernia, as well as pain and deformities in the knees, hip joints.

Specialists who work with the spine, called manual

therapists. The very word & quot; manual & quot; comes from the word manus - palm.

Manual therapy - treatment & quot; hands & quot; or "the application of hands". Sort of

massage - also "assault". But between massage and manual therapy

there is a fundamental difference. Massage, affects the muscles, and manual

therapy makes manipulations with the spine and joints: vertebrae,

intervertebral discs and bones, of course. From ancient times people's

the definition of manual therapy is bones. A specialist sometimes

called-chiropractor. In Western countries, this practice is called


The manual therapist is most often cheated with such diseases

as osteochondrosis, headaches, displacement of vertebrae, intervertebral

hernia, scoliosis, postural disorders, and other diseases associated with

supporting-motor apparatus of man. But also worth checking out

your spine, if you are ill with chronic diseases of the upper

respiratory tract, disorders in the work of the heart, digestive

tract and kidney function.