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23 Jun New Blog Post
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23 Jun New Blog Post
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24 Oct 3 best options for using pineapple oil from Thailand
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The face is applied in its pure form. Nourishes, moisturizes, looks after. For massage, use a few drops, rub until absorbed. After washing your head, spread the pineapple oil over your hair. This will not allow them to excessively fluff, help shape your hair and moisturize.You can experiment with th..
02 Aug Aromatherapy: 15 tips for all occasions
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Recent studies by German scientists have proved that our dreams depend on the smells that we breathe during the day or at night. It turned out that unpleasant smells, for example, rotten eggs cause nightmares, and aroma of roses contribute to pleasant dreams.Recent studies by German scientists have ..
30 Mar Manual therapy
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"If there are many diseases, then the problem is only one - the spine."Even in ancient times in the Mediterranean, China, and Indiaattention was paid to the problems of the spine, Hippocrates, the founder of the wholemodern medicine, said: "If there are many diseases, then the problemone - the spine..
07 Feb Scoliosis
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You can often hear-what, scoliosis? Ha! Yes, who does not have it today, tell me? The same thing about osteochondrosis ... In general, the attitude to this diagnosis is like a common cold. But in vain. Completely vain. In fact, the disease is very, very unpleasant, both by development itself and by ..
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