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In the production of UNIKUM products we use only organic, natural ingredients grown without the use of GMOs. We purchase them directly from manufacturers around the world. For example, Shea butter in Africa, Eucalyptus oil in Australia, Cinnamon oil in Indonesia, and Lavender in France.

Until the autumn of 2017 we produced our products under the trade mark "Vertebra". And now all the balms and oils sold under the brand UNIKUM are produced in Latvia at Vertebra production facilities.

Our production is equipped with modern technological equipment produced in Germany and Italy is located in ecologically clean area of ​​Latvia in Jekabpils.

All employees of the production and laboratory have higher or secondary technical education. All the ingredients coming into production are certified, but they still undergo chemical and biological control in our laboratory.

Production itself is regularly checked by state inspectors. All our products have safety certificates for cosmetic products of the CPNP-Register of Cosmetic Means of the European Community.

On our products you can see 2 logos.

And if on the first, I think, explanations are hardly required, then on the second, customers have questions. So what does this icon mean?

According to the EU rules on cosmetic products, in addition to the release date and shelf life, the expiry date of the product after the opening of the package must be indicated. For cosmetic products it is set at 3 months. The shelf life of the product, in a closed container, under storage conditions (in a dry dark place) is -3 years. Earlier there were 2 years, but now we received a new certificate for 3 years. However, the formulation did not change.

In the composition of balms and oils there is no water - therefore, bacteria do not have a breeding medium. The essential oils themselves do not allow them to reproduce at all. We conducted tests for several years. Even the open product (not covered by the lid) does not deteriorate and does not change its properties for a year or more. Specifying the expiration date of the open product for 3 months we comply with the requirement of European legislation. In fact, our balsams do not lose their useful properties and remain safe for use after the expiry date indicated on the bank.

Registered on 25/10/2017
Registered number OC419650

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